German 1930's MG13 Magazine

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German 1930's MG13 Magazine
German 1930's MG13 Magazine
This offering is for 1 of our vintage German WW2 era MG 13 Magazines. Like the one pictured, all are in good used condition. The MG13 was the principal German general purpose machine gun between 1930-1935 until replaced by the MG34.

Steel body with a worn parkerized finish, greasy and grimy from long storage. The one pictured was cleaned up a bit.

Made to hold 8mm Mauser ammunition, 25 round capacity.

The MG 13 was a designed to
work with either a 25 round box magazine or a 75 round saddle drum. Used in the tail gunner's position in the Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber and in the turret of the pre war/early war Panzer tank. Makes a fine item for the military collector.
State magazine restrictions may apply.
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